• "My personal review of SizeGenetics"
  • "My personal review of SizeGenetics"

How a Penis Extender Works and its Benefits

There are many men out there looking for ways to boost the size of their penis. Having a small penis is one of the problems that lead to depression among many men. It also leads to dissatisfaction during sexual intercourse that makes a person have a low self esteem. If you are one of them, you do not have to worry because there is a penis extender that can help you achieve the size of penis you want. This device has the ability to increase not only the length, but also the girth of the penis.

How penis extender works?

The device works by applying moderate pressure o the penis tissues making the cells in the penis to extend. Once the cells get separated, there are gaps created making the cells not go back to their original positions. The body then heals this by filling the gaps with cells making the gaps to be filled with the newly created cells. This makes you to have a longer and bigger penis, which will make you have more confidence even during sexual activity.

In addition, the penis cells will get broken down and as they get healed regeneration takes place. This is just like it happens when you lift weight whereby your muscles will boost breaking down of the muscles and your body heals them by making them larger.


A penis extender is safer compared to many other options and is also more comfortable. It is safer compared to pills or surgery because there are no side effects involved if it is used in the right manner. When you use it, you also start experiencing better erection that will help you satisfy your sexual partner effectively. In addition to attaining a better erection, it will also be harder and last for a longer time.

Written by Kel West